Art Break Day

Art Break Day September 05, 2014 – 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM On September 5, Commonweal is participating in an event called Art Break Day, which is an annual event created and managed by Art4All People (curators of our current … More

PAPER WORK: Signs and Signals

Grubin’s large-format installations are a visual manifestation of dots and dashes and the history of morse code at the Commonweal site. The show is informed by this history, deploying a visual vocabulary that suggests a system of technology, circuitry, and energy harnessed to fling signals out into the void, in hopes that someone, somewhere will receive the messages. More

Wild Expanse: The Lith Printing Photography of Eli Geller

Eli Geller uses the special “Lith Printing” technique—an alternative photographic process he discovered in 2005—to create non-traditional dream-like images. Inspired by the raw, untouched natural world, Eli strives to portray scenes with a surreal and mysterious quality. More

108 Portraits of Compassion: Commonweal Gallery

This full gathering of conscious art may be able to bypass the filters of ego or intellect and reach beyond our ordinary, subjective perception… waking up the “supermind” to enable the viewer to directly experience universal consciousness of our connection with each other, all life, our world, all space and time. More

Folding into A Tempest

Folding into A Tempest March 24, 2013 Taaffes Bar, Held at Commonweal, $15 donation suggested. Please RSVP on our online registration system. Co-presented with The New School at Commonweal. Join Bolinas sculptural costume artist, Sha Sha Higby, in a whimsical journey … More

Insight: Seeing the Inner Self

Join us for a preview of the show “108 Bodhisattvas,” as well as a conversation with artist Tu Ying-ming and meditation teacher and lawyer Angela E. Oh. More