MUSE: Closing Reception

September 27, 2014
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Entrance Fee: $35.00 / Sliding Scale: $20

Join us in the final reception for MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing—an intercultural and interactive art exhibition curated by Ceylan Hulya, MA, and Lisa Rasmussen, MFA.

Performance by Besty Rose and Edie Hartshorne, YogART Workshop with Art 4 All People inclusive of the The Holotope & Ancient Crystals Workshop with Kirby Seid and an interactive, intuitive painting with Art 4 All People with Music. Interactive Art Engagement with all the Art in MUSE!

1:00pm Opening Interactive Art Circle
1:20 pm Performance by Betsy Rose and Edie Hartshorne
2:00pm “Being in Your Power ~ EnVisioning the MUSE in the World ” Activating The Archetype of the Art Warrior.
4:30pm The Art of Engagement with all the Art -Artist talks and Creative Writing
5:30 Closing Performance with by Betsy Rose and Edie Hartshorne
5:45pm Closing Circle with Interactive Art making
6:00pm Artist Pick up work from the MUSE Exhibit at Commonweal

Find out more about the reception activities and performances, and to register/pay, at the Art4All People website.