Spirit of Places

An Art Installation by Dieter Tremp

August 01, 2015 - September 30, 2015
Commonweal Gallery, Bolinas

~Artist reception September 5, 3 pm – 5 pm~

whole circle 500x400

“Spirit of Places” explores the innate spiritual power of places and structures on our planet, discovered and frequently explored by successive cultures, at times resulting in structures and stories of remarkable power and impact. Often in ruins by now, these places retain their resident spirit, often even more noticeable in ruined form than in the original. The installation is intended to have viewers recognize the spirit of the described places and to later search or and recognize them on their own in their own world.

Comprised of 14 individual paintings of identical (5′ x 4′) size, framed and mounted in back-to-back pairs, the complete installation “floats” in a large oval in the center of Commonweal Gallery in a loose shape much reminiscent of megalithic stone circles. Such circles as well as other pre-historic monuments are included among the images shown. Painted in a semi-abstract manner on deeply textured surfaces using an innovative rubbing technique, the paintings shift in appearance between distant views and close-up abstraction.

The installation comprises a three-piece metal frame attached to the gallery’s rafters. Suspended from it by filament lines, the double-frames seem to float in the space. This constellation inverts the gallery’s typical orientation toward the large walls and induce an intentional centering sensation.