108 Portraits of Compassion: Commonweal Gallery

The artist Tu-2 (Tu Ying-ming)

September 29, 2013 - December 15, 2013
Taaffes Bar,

The number 108 symbolizes the infinite, or “infinity” in many eastern religions, including Zen Buddhism. This number is a concept, not a limitation, so the actual number of portraits is ongoing, toward infinity…. The artist’s intent is simply to hold up 108 glowing, crystal clear mirrors, so we can recognize ourselves and our interconnectedness, establishing conditions that make it possible to reach serenity and make a better world. View the first-ever showing of 108 portraits by Tu-2 from his infinite Blue Series of subjects whose essence and work captured the artist’s interest.

While each portrait yields abundant rewards when studied individually, the series is ultimately meant to be viewed all together. Taken as a group, the 108, echoing infinity, becomes more than just an impressive tour de force of masterful portraiture and passion. This full gathering of conscious art may be able to bypass the filters of ego or intellect and reach beyond our ordinary, subjective perception… waking up the “supermind” to enable the viewer to directly experience universal consciousness of our connection with each other, all life, our world, all space and time. Find out more, and see more artwork, on Tu-2’s website.

Watch a beautiful slideshow of the making, and inhabiting, of the exhibit at Commonweal Gallery.