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Kazuaki Tanahashi

“The Circle represents enlightenment, wholeness, nothing left out, a miracle in each moment,” said Kaz Tanahashi in his Berkeley studio. He held up one of his paintings from a series called “Zen Circles,” Rainbow Miracle, and talked about his life as a painter, calligrapher, writer, translator, collaborative artist, healer, peacemaker, poet, and environmental worker.  “Each moment is a miracle encompassing everything,” he smiled, “the joy and sorrow, the failure and success, the disappointment and happiness, the celebration and grief.”

The Circle represents enlightenment, wholeness, nothing left out, a miracle in each moment.

As the Founder of two international peacemaking endeavors, A World Without Armies, and, The Sino-Japanese reconciliation project, “Re- membering Nanjing,” Kaz studies and teaches how to respond to difficulties in our life. “We can be happy by facing everything, not by denying it.” He offers us his “Circle Project for the Time of Facing Difficulties” as a simple and elegant way to help ourselves.


Circle Project for the Time of Facing Difficulties

1. Draw a band of circle, twice as large as a doughnut: First, draw seven continuous, overlapping, and imperfect circles with color pastel. Then, draw seven more circles with another color, and seven more with the third color.

2. Choose a reminding phrase you would like to repeat saying at a time of facing your own difficulties such as major sickness or death.

3. Think of the phrase whenever you see the circle.

[This can help shape your consciousness to prepare yourself for a time of difficulties while you are well.]

In January of 2013, IAH will host an afternoon program (exact date and place TBA) with Kaz — “The Seven Laws of De-Aging and The Circle Project” — originally presented by him at the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrated Medicine on May 22, 2011 at the University of Wisconsin.

Three years ago, Kaz generously allowed Commonweal’s Art Circle web page to use his painting, Miracle In Each Moment, Orange, as its identifying logo. In launching our new Institute for Art and Healing website, it was clear that this beautiful image of “enlightenment, wholeness, leaving nothing out, a miracle in each moment,” was exactly what was called for to inspire and represent the work of IAH. So, we asked a second time.  Thank you, again, Kaz.